Complete Marketing Management


Medical practitioners, providers and practices seek our services for a number of different reasons. Their existing marketing efforts may be taxing and time consuming, leaving them with less time to manage their businesses and see their patients.

Conversely, they may be new to marketing, and simply need guidance and insight on the most effective ways to grow their brand. Some clients have marketing staff, but still require an outside perspective to supplement their efforts. We even have clients who have full marketing department behind them - often through a larger organisation, such as a hospital - but aren’t happy with the levels of exposure and attention they receive.

Our healthcare marketing agency is uniquely suited to help give your business the expertise and exposure it needs, no matter the situation.

Complete Marketing Management
Like medicine, marketing has evolved into a world of highly skilled specialists.

Our team comprises of a number of highly trained individuals with the knowledge, skills and drive to effectively manage your digital profile. Your unique team may comprise of a number of different specialists who work together to give your business the exposure and recognition it deserves.

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Working relationship

The difference between GrowPrac and other marketing agencies is our approach. Our packages and services are tailored to suit your individual needs and our teams approach means that your needs and goals will always be met. Our team approach is so effective that a majority of our business comes from long-term clients with satisfied clients - clients who refer to us as a go-to, all-round marketing solution. The best compliment we receive is when our relationships with our clients surpass the business, and we become friends.

We’ve spent a lot of time gathering intimate knowledge of the medical industry, and over-familiarising ourselves with the various sub-industries and how they connect and communicate with each other. Our holistic approach has enabled us not only to teach out clients, but to learn and grow with them

Our healthcare marketing agency process:


The Plan

As your marketing specialists, we start with an examination, issue a diagnosis and craft an effective treatment plan. As part of the examination process, we get to know you and your business. We look at your strengths and weaknesses, goals and ambitions. We then diagnose, advise and recommend possible solutions and courses of action - using your insight and input to craft the perfect treatment plan to achieve your marketing goals


Development and Launch

During this exciting phase we develop your brand, bringing it to life with assets such as websites, print marketing material and advertising. As a brand, there needs to be a consistent message which is relayed to your customers from the moment they first glimpse your name on a website or review, to the moment they walk out of their appointment. Our job is to craft and deploy that message so that it remains consistent from your marketing material to your staff, cementing it in the minds of your patients.



Launching your brand is only the beginning. Building a successful brand involves constant refinement and continuous nurturing. It involves daily monitoring, reacting and strategizing to ensure your message is being seen and heard by potential and existing patients. Our team includes a number of specialists in different fields including programming, marketing, SEO, social media, influencer marketing, graphic design, front-end development, analysts and more. Together, they work to cultivate your brand and create a unique experience for each patient that comes into contact with it, at each point they make contact.


Monitoring, Analysis,
Reports and Refinement

Once your brand has launched, and all your marketing is exactly where it should be, we begin work on one of the largest components of a successful marketing plan - monitoring, analysing, reporting and refining. These post-launch steps are vital to ensuring the success of your brand, because it gives us the opportunity to gauge it’s effectiveness, highlight areas that are lacking and refine them. This is key to creating a successful brand - which is what will put your practice ahead of the competition.

Complete Marketing Management

No matter what your current needs, we aim to provide an all-round marketing experience for each one of our clients. We’re looking to form relationships, to grow with your practice and watch it thrive. We’ll help you navigate the fast-paced world of digital marketing, recommend new and exciting marketing plans and idea, keep you up to date with the latest trends and give you an outlet for your own marketing ideas and plans. Marketing is not just about search results and pretty adverts, it’s about giving potential patients a reason to choose you and providing them with a great experience from the moment they first see your name. We have the knowledge and expertise to accomplish this - and carry your message through to the moment they leave your rooms with a smile on their faces.

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