Dental Practice Marketing

Dental practices are notoriously difficult to market without a team of highly trained marketing specialists. This is because it is a broad speciality with a number of different areas of focus and patient types and crafting a marketing plan that targets your specific area of focus requires intimate knowledge of not just the dental field but also current marketing trends and best practices when it comes to advertising.

Every dental practice has it’s own challenges, and adequate marketing remains to be a consistent struggle for a majority of dental practices who face tough competition. A number of our clients had given up on the prospect of digital marketing before meeting with us and realising that there was a proven solution which could set them apart and build both their reputation and client list.

Dental Marketing | Growprac
Dental Practice Marketing

Strategic dental marketing is not only a benefit for dentists - A number of South Africans lack adequate access to dentistry services and while they desperately need treatment, they don’t know how to begin looking for a trusted, reputable dentist who can give them what they need. Your marketing could do more than just get patients to your door - it could bring you patients who need your services because they haven’t been able to find other practitioners who meet their unique requirements; such as financial constraints, specific treatment options or allergies. If your practice offers niche services, there are patients that need your help and cannot reach you.

With our digital marketing services, your brand and message will be delivered directly to your potential patients - generating an interest in your business which will translate to more patients in your offices. Contact Us
Overcome your practice challenges with the help of experienced experts and an evidence-based approach.
Practice Marketing | Growprac

The best way to market a dental practice, is to make use of a strategic, unique and effective marketing plan. An individualised approach will showcase the unique personality of your practice, and draw in patients who are attracted to those characteristics.

Our approach is scientific, we use strategies that have been proven in our prior campaigns and the data we continuously collect on current marketing trends and test campaigns that are run for the sole purpose of testing the reactions of the market. In addition, we a thorough and diligent assessment of your practice, determining any influences that may present challenges to your brand, marketing and reputation.

We then develop a unique marketing plan that targets your specific audience and draws them into your brand, and dental chair.

With comprehensive marketing consultation, training, planning, development and implementation, we have the ability to help your dental practice with virtually any need.

Some of the services we recommend for dental practices include:

With our unique expertise, we create more than just adverts for your practice. We craft a brand, which showcases your professionalism, reputation and services so your patients become invested in your practice and build long lasting relationships with you and your staff.