Digital Marketing

The question isn’t whether your practice has a digital presence, it’s how strong the digital presence of your practice is.

A successful digital marketing strategy includes several campaigns, all geared towards a common goal with a common message.

Your unique plan may include a number of marketing channels, such as a Responsive website, social media marketing, Google display network advertising, blogs, Search Engine Optimisation and connecting with Influencers and reviewers. All of these channels culminate into a tailor-made marketing solution to boost engagement with your patients, reach new patients and increase appointments on your books.
Responsive Website Development
Social Media Marketing
Google Display Network Advertising
Search Engine Optimization
Connecting with Influencers and Reviewers
Having the qualifications, knowledge and expertise of a Google Partner will boost your digital marketing components, maximising their effectiveness.

As a certified Google Partner, we have been hand-picked by the largest search-engine in the world because we meet their “highest standards for qualification, training, and customer service.”

Online Marketing Services | Growprac
The basis of our beautifully crafted marketing strategies are usually made up by the following components, though we tailor make each plan and strategy to suit your individual needs:
Search Engine Marketing
  • Responsive Website: This serves as the base to your digital profile, and should carry all the information you want to relay to your patients before their appointment.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: We strategize to get your website to the top of both organic and local search results
  • Online Advertising: The digital advertising opportunities are endless - from Display Network Advertising to Pay per Click and Remarketing. We will find the best fit for your practice to ensure you maximise on your returns.
  • Social Media Marketing: Build your brand, boost your reach, and give your patients a platform to engage with you.
  • Reputation Management: It’s like PR, but exclusively online. We monitor and improve your online reputation.
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