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Practice Marketing

Grow your family or general practice with a tailored marketing solution, specifically customised to your needs and goals.

Our healthcare system is undergoing change, and for some this has been detrimental to practice growth. Patients are looking to the internet for solutions to medical issues and only seeing doctors as a last resort, and even then they’re looking to the internet for recommendations and reviews on practitioners before deciding who to visit.
Practice marketing service
Medical Practice Marketing
Challenge is opportunity, and most doctors have embraced these challenges and found ways to combat the detrimental effects of the healthcare revolution.

Some have developed niche services to draw specific patients to their practices while others have moved to larger networks to boost referrals. No matter how your practice has changed, a strategic marketing plan with Avily will not only give your business exposure but will also give you a platform to show your patients how you are changing to serve them better and what they can expect when they walk into your rooms.

The best way to sell your family practice is to show potential patients exactly what they’re getting before they book that appointment. When people are uncertain of their health, being certain of the level of care, processes, prices and possible procedures grants them a level of comfort, making the decision to call your practice easier.

Our team know that marketing family and general practices requires a targeted, customised plan and that copied and pasted marketing will not give you the results you want. We will work with you to determine your goals, strengths and weaknesses and craft a marketing plan that differentiates you from the competition and relays a unique and compelling message to potential patients.

We take a lot into account when working with general and family practitioners, as most have a specific target patient market and while our marketing plans speak to patients within your geographical location, we also look to target patients who seek specific services and practitioners.
General Practitioner Marketing
Our marketing solutions for general and family practitioners typically include the following services, although your marketing plan will be unique to your practice, needs and goals and may not require all of the following services.
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Reputation Management
  • Responsive Website
  • Staff Training